The Team

CanTrust Financial Services Team

CanTrust Financial Services Team

Our goal is to build and maintain long-term relationships which provide a stable environment and enhance awareness regarding all aspects of your life.

We know that trust and respect are the highest priorities when selecting your professional advisors. Trust must encompass the ability and desire of us, as professionals, to obtain the best products at the best price for our clients.

CanTrust offers clarity. We take the time to understand your situation, needs and goals before making recommendations. We guide you through the selection process and ensure you have a clear understanding of your options. You are unique and that’s why CanTrust Financial has designed a dynamic expert system to ensure that what is put in place is decided with a strategic focus on where you are today, where you are going and what you want to achieve in the short and long term.

We ensure you make informed decisions whether you are an individual, a couple, a growing family, a budding entrepreneur or a well-established business owner.

Aspire to Inspire before you Expire

This phrase pretty much sums up Simon.

In search of a new career, at the ripe age of 19, full of ambition, hope and enthusiasm, Simon headed to Calgary, where business was booming.   Within a month he was hired by a national insurance company.

Three years later, his self-employed father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, without a strategy, a plan or insurance for his wife and 12 children. It was extremely difficult for his mother. He watched her lose their dream home, and when she was about to move into a mobile home for the rest of her life, Simon stepped in. He moved back to the coast and his mom lived with Simon and his family for many years until she passed away in her 80s.

Simon has seen first-hand the consequences which have resulted from a lack of pre-planning. He has made it his life’s mission to help business owners protect themselves and their families, and enhance their overall success. This is where his aspiration comes from.

Simon is a realist with an unshakable positive outlook on life. He’s a sponge for learning valuable information and is compelled to share it. He’s driven to illustrate to clients that by implementing some simple, yet extremely effective strategies which can be used the right way, they can protect their family and greatly enhance their wealth.

Simon’s in-depth understanding of how business owners can drive wealth by structuring themselves correctly really sets him apart. He sees nothing but a bright future and believes that if we are well informed, we’ll make wiser and healthier choices to enhance all areas of our lives.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    Do the right thing, every time, even when no one is watching.

  • Partnership

    Do what’s best for ALL parties involved, not just you.

  • Passion, Hunger & Drive

    Look for and create reasons to smile, laugh, and find joy in everything you do. Hint: it’s always there if you look for it.

  • Big Picture Thinking

    Everything you do has an impact on somebody else. Think about it and be clear on your motive.

    Do what you can to make things better for clients; you can never lose as it will always come back around to you.

  • Taking Ownership

    Put your stamp on everything you do, good and bad. If you had to pay for it, would it be good enough?  Make sure it is, and if it isn’t, do everything you can to make it right. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and do everything you can to correct the situation.



Simon Marples, CAIB

Corporate Insurance Specialist

Simon Marples has been involved in the insurance industry for over 30 years. When just 19 years old, he began working with entrepreneurs and assisting with insurance needs. In 1996, Simon established CanTrust Financial Services Inc. and has maintained his zeal in caring for all his clients’ needs. He still enjoys the industry but is now driven to consult for a select group of successful business owners who require the specialized work that has become a proven process for building their wealth.

Simon has life, health, and general insurance licenses. He’s focused on providing unique and proven solutions for business owners which protect their families and enhance their overall success. Simon’s in-depth understanding of how business owners can drive wealth by structuring themselves correctly really sets him apart. His unique process effectively concentrates on maximizing wealth and minimizing risk.

Simon and his family have adopted the fit-for-life mindset by making healthy lifestyle choices and staying active. Simon’s extracurricular activities include running weekly, playing tennis, biking, golfing, swimming, bocce. He also loves the social aspects of playing cards/board games. He is a BBQ aficionado, enjoys his walks at the White Rock beach with wife Sande and is often joined by their adult sons, Trevor and Brodie.

Trivial Information You Should Know About Simon:

  • He can’t live without – his shorts
  • What would his last meal be – curried anything with all the condiments
  • If he could be an animal what would he be – leopard
  • Who would he like to have dinner with – Nikola Tesla

Sande Marples


Sande’s financial career started when she joined RBC in 1975 in Kamloops. Among her roles were accounting and “foreign exchange trader” positions. She concluded her banking career as Manager of Foreign Services at the main branch in Vancouver, when she married Simon and joined him in the insurance industry.

In addition to her roles at CanTrust Financial, Sande served as director and treasurer of various charitable boards over the years, and enjoys being in positions of service.

Sande applies her financial, organizational and people expertise to the day-to-day management and accounting for CanTrust Financial. In her spare time she manages the Marple’s home and enjoys travelling. Sande and Simon have two adult sons; one is a globe trotter in the entertainment and film industry; the other one is busy with a blossoming corporate video business.

Trivial Information You Should Know About Sande:

  • She can’t live without – her “Warm Buddy” body wrap
  • What would her last meal be – chicken Caesar salad
  • If she could be an animal what would she be – Yorkshire Terrier
  • Who would she like to have dinner with – Esther Hicks

Jennifer Clarke

Group Support & Training Representative

In 2008 Jennifer made a 180-degree turn in her career. She went from working in social services to the insurance world. She would say, “the change is really not all that vast, as I am still committed to assisting people in getting their needs met, pursuing solutions and accessing essential resources”. Jennifer has become well versed in group benefit plans. Developing meaningful relationships with CanTrust clients and ensuring all aspects of their group plans are operating at their best is what brings Jennifer satisfaction in each working day. When she is not attending closely to the many moving parts of CanTrust Financial then she is engaged in a full and vibrant life with her husband Clint and their family of 3 children.

Trivial Information You Should Know About Jennifer:

  • She can’t live without – her active lifestyle
  • What would her last meal be – now this is tough… sushi, bbq, homemade curry etc.
  • If she could be an animal what would she be – African elephant

Catherine Whitfield

New Business & Client Services

Catherine recently moved to British Columbia from Manitoba, where she had worked in the insurance industry for more than 3 decades. Her career in the insurance industry began in the area of administration, where she managed a third-party administration company and an insurance agency. When the opportunity arose to become a broker she was eager to take on a new challenge, which she enjoyed for the 20 years before she moved to sunny British Columbia.

Trivial Information You Should Know About Catherine:

  • She can’t live without – opportunities to learn about, and to try new things
  • What would her last meal be – turkey, dressing, gravy, potatoes, vegetables, pumpkin pie
  • If she could be an animal what would she be – wolf
  • Who would she like to have dinner with – a dinner party with David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, Paul Watson and Charles Darwin.

Cianna Dinh

Life & Health Benefit Specialist

Cianna has always been eager to hone her skills, expand her knowledge and involve herself in a variety of different career opportunities, each having taught her so much about her strengths and the passion she brings to her work. Cianna has been an insurance advisor since 2011 and feels strongly that she is exactly where she needs to be! The opportunity to match business owners and individuals with their insurance needs is an essential and meaningful endeavor.

In her personal time, Cianna can be found spending valuable time with her teenaged son and focusing closely on her personal wellness.

Trivial Information You Should Know About Cianna:

  • She can’t live without – all the songs she accumulated over the years
  • What would her last meal be – matcha ice cream and almond milk chocolate
  • If she could be an animal what would she be – golden bird
  • Who would she like to have dinner with – Arianna Huffington


We have been relying on Simon Marples as our trusted insurance advisor since 2002. What we always appreciate about him is he doesn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth. He delivers what he says he will and makes certain we have the best rates and coverage available. Simon does a great job taking care of our interests and all the business and personal insurance needs for my family and I.