Aspire to Inspire before you Expire

Simon Marples, CAIB

Corporate Insurance Specialist

This phrase pretty much sums up Simon.

In search of a new career, at the ripe age of 19, full of ambition, hope and enthusiasm, Simon headed to Calgary, where business was booming.   Within a month he was hired by a national insurance company.

Three years later, his self-employed father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, without a strategy, a plan or insurance for his wife and 12 children.   It was extremely tough for his mother.    He watched her lose their dream home, and when she was about to move into a mobile home for the rest of her life, Simon stepped in.   He moved back to the coast and his mom lived with Simon and his family for many years until she passed away in her 80’s.

Simon has seen first-hand the results caused without pre-planning.    He has made it his life’s mission to help business owners protect themselves and their families and enhance their overall success.  This is where his aspiration comes from.

Simon is a realist with an unshakable positive outlook on life.  He’s a sponge for learning valuable information and is compelled to share it.  He’s driven to illustrate to clients that by implementing some simple yet extremely effective strategies that can be used the right way, they can protect their family and greatly enhance their wealth.

Simon and his family have adopted a fit-for-life mindset by making healthy lifestyle choices, staying active and is on track to run 1,000 km this year.  Simon’s extracurricular activities also include tennis, squash, biking, golfing, swimming, bocce and in the evenings he loves the social aspects of playing cards and board games.  When not out and about strolling the beaches of White Rock on summer weekends with his wife Sande and sons, Trevor and Brodie, Simon can be found grilling at the BBQ.

Simon’s in-depth understanding of how business owners can drive wealth by structuring themselves correctly really sets him apart.   He sees nothing but a bright future and believes that if we are well informed, we’ll make wiser and healthier choices to enhance all areas of our lives.