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The Clock is Ticking!

2016 is an opportune year to buy life insurance. New laws affecting the taxation of life insurance come into effect on January 1, 2017. After this date new policies will not perform as well as they do currently.
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The Corporate Extraction Strategy

Transferring a Life Insurance Policy to a Corporation The Corporate Extraction Strategy involves transferring a personally owned life insurance policy to a corporation for its fair market value (FMV).  When handled properly, it will result…
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The 4 Cs of Conflict-Free Family Businesses

Focusing on growth is harder when your co-owners are your relatives by Fred Pidsadny for ProfitGuide.com Family-run businesses are like elastic bands—they can be stretched only so far, in different directions, before tensions cause them…

Get Your Corporate Dollars Doing Double Duty

Owners of very successful private corporations are intimately aware of the importance of cash flow.  Many are very protective of how they allocate corporate capital so that business ventures are adequately funded and investment opportunities…