Want your Rates to go up or down – You choose!


There are lots of stats from many sources that say health care costs are going up in Canada.  For adults and kids.  But do they have to ?


There is a truck load of research out there that proves not.  If you do a little research yourself you’ll quick conclude like I did that when we make good choices in life good things happen. And that holds perfectly true for our health as well.  If we eat the right foods and stay away from the many, many foods that are constantly being marketed to us our health will definitely improve.  We’re not talking about a diet here.  It’s always about lifestyle choices.

And it’s not all that hard if you set a few simple rules for yourself.

  1. Avoid all the fast food joints.  Granted some might be healthier than others but none of them are Good for you.
  2. Stop eating foods with a high fat content and that are fried.
  3. Work at breaking free of the sugar addiction.

Sometimes it may be a little more difficult because of the many social event and restaurants that don’t have healthy menus.  But a fitness trainer told me that we don’t have to be perfect, just strive to eat the right foods 80% of the time and not the other way round.  And I lost about 20 lbs by following that simple rule and getting a little exercise each week.

Check out the preview for this heavy hitting video called Food Matters Movie.

If it is a goal for you and your family to live strong healthy lives, then nutrition is the number 1 place to start.

When did you want to start living a healthier life?