CanTrust Financial is focused on providing unique proven solutions for you as a business owner to protect your family, your business (including your employees), your health and wealth, and to enhance your overall success. Cantrust’s in-depth understanding of how business owners can drive wealth by structuring themselves correctly, really sets them apart. We know the risks, exposures and challenges you face every day and will provide you with the protection needed for all of them.

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I have known Simon for well over 25 years. He’s always looked after the best interest of myself, my employees, and my family. Simon has helped guide my partner and I in the right direction. One key area is taking dollars out of our company without the huge tax implications, as well as protecting ourselves and our families.

We’ve known Simon for 5 years. Simon is attentive, sincere and cares deeply about the best interests of his clients. The complexity of this level of strategic planning was daunting, but Simon explained it in a way that I was able to understand and make sense of it.

I’ve known Simon for approximately 18 years. Some of the key areas I like about him are his proactive, honest approach to business and he always has my best interests in mind. Simon takes an active approach with my business, always graciously giving me suggestions to assist in the growth of my practice.

We have been relying on Simon Marples as our trusted insurance advisor since 2002. What we always appreciate about him is he doesn’t talk out of both sides of his mouth. He delivers what he says he will and makes certain we have the best rates and coverage available. Simon does a great job taking care of our interests and all the business and personal insurance needs for my family and I.

We really like the new benefits plan you switched us to. That was the best thing we’ve done. It’s so much better than our old plan and so easy for us.