Did You Know that Restructuring your Group Plan Could Increase Your Coverage & Lower Your Premium?

Insurance benefits will help meet competition in the labour market as well as attract and maintain good relationships with valuable employees. Our group plans are designed to compliment your existing employee compensation structure, and help you retain your company’s most valuable asset, your employees. And insurance benefits provide peace of mind and financial security for your employees and their families – a win for all!

Advantages of Group Benefits Plans

To the Employer

  • Premiums paid by the Employer are tax deductible as a business expense.

  • Benefits attract & retain valuable employees.

  • Benefits help meet competition in the labour market, especially when seeking employees who already enjoy group insurance benefits elsewhere.

  • Benefits foster a healthy workforce and consequently improve employee morale, productivity and efficiency.

  • Benefits can be provided in lieu of additional monetary compensation.

  • Benefit plans are easy to implement, administer and adjust to changes in the workplace.

To the Employee

  • Employer pays part or all of the cost.

  • Provides a measure of financial security for the employee’s family.

  • Some group life and disability contracts allow conversion to individual/personal contracts without medical evidence.

  • No need to use after-tax money to purchase various types of insurance policies.

  • Usually doesn’t require medical evidence.

  • Insurance is less expensive to obtain through a group plan than in the individual insurance market.

  • Access to products which might not be available individually.

Whether you are a small business operation, a large multi-tiered organization or a budding entrepreneur, CanTrust Financial can design an affordable, flexible benefit plan to best suit the needs of your employees. By eliminating expensive under-used benefits, and incorporating new flexible features which improve coverage, your plan will be both an effective and cost-efficient solution for you, the employer.

As a leading provider of specialized group plans in British Columbia, we offer employers and associations a wide array of innovative programs, such as guaranteed issue critical illness coverage, health spending accounts, and employee-owned accident and sickness benefits.

We can help you manage cost and enrich the value of your benefit program offered to your employees. Our plans are designed to reduce employee turnover, prevent labour poaching by competitors and give valued employees non-taxable raises and benefits. We’ll show you how to deduct premiums and provide guaranteed tax-free benefits. Other options are available which would return all the premiums paid by your company to you or your employee in the event a claim never occurs.

Call today to improve the value of your benefits plan for both you and your employees.